‘The Ryan Jones’ launched successfully!

Good people,
After twenty days of building, yesterday we launched our first ever Goat Island Skiff at San Francisco’s historic Hyde Street Pier. Christened Ryan Jones in memory of a deceased teacher and friend of the program, our fine boat (or “shred sled,” to use the traditional boatbuilders’ vernacular) drew gasps of admiration and even cries of disbelief from the gathered crowd. “Surely nothing so elegant could be shaped by the hands of these saggy-pantsed ruffians,” huffed Mr. Cobbleknob, the town beadle. Yet, indeed, it had been, and, to a grand chorus of huzzahs and a blizzard of tossed caps, the Ryan Jones slid into the water and performed quite admirably, given challenging conditions (there was not a puff of wind to be had). 




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