Erika Rounded

“Being urban kids, we aren’t really taught to explore anything besides what’s in our
little city.”
-Erika Ubungen


Marisol Rappel Rounded


“It was so hard not to go to class, it was really fun. They taught us how to sail and row, and how to work the ropes course. Working with bigger groups, getting out of my shell and thinking out loud helped me a lot.”
-Marisol Jimenez

Kelly Ropes Rounded

“I had fallen off from school and didn’t really like it. But, once I started going to GOAL, I realized school is not that bad. Yeah, we go out, and we learn. We are also learning what we have to: math, reading, and everything required to graduate.”
-Kelly Rodas


Jessica Boat Rounded“Backpacking and boat building…. how we weren’t going to be in a classroom all
day…. it just made sense to me. I just wanted to try something new. I was bored of
being stuck in a classroom.”
-Jessica Hernandez


Josue Group Rounded


“GOAL helped me open up to people that I usually wouldn’t. And it opened my eyes
to a lot of different things, especially who I am personally.”
-Josue De Leon

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