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Edward Cavanaugh went missing in the El Dorado National Forest in the summer of 2015. During this stressful time of unknowns, people from all factions of Ed’s life came together to form a committed search party. Efforts doubled everyday, with more and more people determined to bring Ed home. They organized and expanded around the clock for this one man. Thinkers, hikers, bikers, organizers, technologists, cooks, cleaners, and even strangers donated time and money to maintain the operation to ensure the goal of finding Ed was realized. The numbers grew beyond 100. The search lasted 12 days. This amazing effort, filled with the purest love for a man who had clearly loved so many himself, was taking on a life of its’ own. The dedication shown by family, friends, and even those who had only known Ed through his incredible story was unbelievable. The group was aptly named LOV(ED), as Edward Cavanaugh somehow managed to form a new loving community even in his last days on earth.

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“He guided us like he was our father but he was there for us like we were one of his friends.” -Erika Ubungen


“He never gave up on kids, people, or whatever project he was doing, like building a boat or teaching us how to be leaders.” -Josue De Leon


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“He always had a smile on his face. Always. That big sunshine smile.” -Kelly Rodas


“He always had that grin on his face, which calmed everyone down.” -Tony Koroilazesau


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“He wanted to teach you things but in such a way you didn’t know he was teaching you.”        -Raul Cardenas

“I thought I wasn’t a good kid. Ed’s class showed me that I wasn’t a bad kid.”                        -Tony Koroilazesau

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“He was just very straightforward. You couldn’t give him excuses. He wouldn’t take them. It’s either you do this or you don’t.”         -Marisol Jimenez

“He ignited my passion for learning.”                    -Raul Cardenas

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“Ed would work with you to open up more. He would listen to you. He really had a connection with the students.” -Kelly Rodas

“He wasn’t just a teacher standing in front of a board speaking to the whole class, he actually had conversations with us.”                       -Marisol Jimenez



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